It takes more than a television set and a bar to make a great sports bar. There is a certain amount of ambiance necessary. That doesn't mean it needs to be fancy or frou-frou. It just means that the place needs to attract the sort of folks you would enjoy watching a game with; not sweater-tied-around-the shoulders, golf-clap yawners who would rather be getting a mani-pedi or rough and tumble macho men with anger management issues who might break a chair over the head of an opposing fan.

With 3 Projectors, 4 Large TV screens & Cinema Surround you feel part of the atmosphere, in the stadium some might even say!

Dont miss any of the action and join us for every live sporting event.

Live Sport at Megabowl - Never miss the action!

Mon-Sun 12pm-12am

Tel: (+34) 922 71 30 40